History and present

 „I have the right to better life and here they will help me develop my skills.“


Private joint school, Biela voda, Kežmarok was estabilished July 1, 2009.
School director is Mgr. Anna Jurgovianová.
Fouder of the school is: Biela voda, n. o., Nad traťou 1342/28, 060 01  Kežmarok.
The name of the school is: 
Private joint school, Biela voda, Kežmarok since 2017.
The school has two organizational units:
SSŠ Vocational schoolSSŠ School for apprentices
The school has 6 allocated workplaces: EP Krížová Ves, EP Podhorany, EP Ihľany, EP Podsadek, EP Jakubany, EP Ľubotín
The school is non – profit organization.
IČO: 51076438
DIČ: 2120589053


Private joint school is non-traditional secondary school with focus on education and training in crafts and services in alternative elements in teaching.
Private joint school, Biela voda, Kežmarok is a school with tiered education,provides training in crafts and services,with basic education courses,with graduating from secondary school,with graduation study and adult education,with attractive teaching unions open on the basic of many years of experience and interesting results,we work mainly with students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and the marginalized Roma community,unions are demand-oriented according to the requirements of the labor market and location,we offer job seekers completion of basic education, completion of education with a certificate for auxiliary trades, completion of education with an apprenticeship certificate, two-year graduation and we offer courses, seminars, discussions for adults,the school provides accredited courses for all adults who want to change, complete and expand their qualifications. At the same time, the school allows supplementing education, such as an apprenticeship certificate, graduation and so on.
Private joint school, Biela voda, Kežmarok, is registered:European list of companies,Member of the Ambassador School project,Member of JA Worldwide Slovensko group,Member of Vnímavá škola, which increases the credibility of the school.
Study focus of the school:specialization for the socially disadvantaged, working with wood, working with textiles,services and housework, construction work, engineering production, manual metalworking, agricultural production, production confection, general craft activities.
Fields of study:Engineering productionBricklayerProduction confectionHairdresser/BarbierConstruction workArtistic blacksmith and locksmithForest productionArtistic carpenterTailor/SeamstressBusiness in crafts and  services with a graduation
Courses:Artistic blacksmithProduction confectionBricklayerTailor – women´s clothingArtistic carpenterConstruction workHairdresser/BarbierWood processing and forest production